Coastal Restoration Trust of New Zealand

Coastal Dune Ecosystem Reference Database

2007 Development Management Strategy Plan

Publisher / Organisation
Kapiti Coast District Council
Formal consultation process including hearings and response to submissions  Contained reference to the Coastal Strategy and summary of broad approach including reference to coastal erosion work and set back lines.  Analysis of open coast and inlets over 50 year period  At time apparent that central government undertaking a review of NZCPS and that may require a 100 year timeframe for analysis. Further work and conclusions about where erosion lines might sit put on hold until gained clarity – to avoid property owners having to deal with a 50 year impact and then return to 100 year impact later.  Wording included on LIMs identifying report’s existence, that not yet formally received by Council, that further work was being undertaken and that it would not be formally received for sign-off until August 2012.
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