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An Approach to managing the impacts of contaminants from urban and rural residential development on the marine area Other Publication

Chris Hatton
Journal / Source
Seachange conference EDS
contaminants, impact, development
The purpose of this talk is to explore one approach to coastal management and policy development which addresses two common consequences of development, namely sediment and urban stormwater discharges. Coastal management, like all policy areas, requires an understanding of a wide range of factors and processes to make wise decisions. Information on social, economic, political, cultural and natural environment factors are typical of that required. Science is an important component and often an absolutely fundamental source of information for managing natural resources. Experience has shown that in the past the value of scientific input is often overlooked or underestimated by many involved in resource management decision-making. In this paper two examples are presented of how the scientific approach has contributed significantly to the establishment of sound policy.