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An information review of the natural marine features and ecology of Northland DOC Publication

Morrison, M
Journal / Source
Report by NIWA for the Department of Conservation
A desktop literature review was carried out for the Department of Conservation, collating and summarising the available information on the ecological and natural features of the Northland region, to assist with decision making on a potential marine protected area (MPA) network for the region. Information sources included primary and grey literature, statements of evidence, and raw data tables, from 1937 through to 2003, and earlier historical observations back to 1855. Where available, spatial information in the form of maps and locations were digitised, and a Geographic Information System (GIS) used to display and interpret information in an integrated form. The aim of the review was to provide an integrated description and assessment of the regions ecological values and condition, within which information gaps could be identified, and that could be used as an underpinning information document for the potential establishment of a marine protected area (MPA) network. To this end, more than 350 documents were examined.
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