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Animals of the rocky shore of New Zealand Book

Leslie, M.A.
Publisher / Organisation
A.H. & A.W. Reed
Students of animal life, whether they be taking formal instruction or are pursuing a hobby, will find no richer territory for fieldwork than the rocky coastlines of New Zealand. There they will find a wide variety of colourful and interesting animals representing many of the invertebrate groups. The special conditions related to the bb and flow of the rides produce a habitat demanding adaption to the environment, which provides a further source of interest in the study of the species living there. This book, written and illustrated by a former schoolteacher who has specialised in seashore biology, supplies a source of information not previously available. It is designed for use by teachers, and students at sixth-form, training college, and university first-year levels, but it will also be of value to the general enthusiast and particularly to members of natural history clubs, evening class and hobby groups. A full glossary of terms increases its usefulness to beginners in these fascinating studies. It is essentially a book for practical use and reference. Mrs Leslie's illustrations supplement the text, providing a visual explanation of many structural features which are difficult to describe adequately in words. The drawing themselves make the book attractive and enhance its appeal to the general reader.
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