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Taranaki Regional Council
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Taranaki Regional Council
The Taranaki coast is an eroding one. Coastal erosion studies undertaken in the late 1980s by the Taranaki Catchment Commission showed that the entire Taranaki coastline is eroding at long term average rates between 0.05 m/year and 1.89 m/year with exceptions at the Patea and Stony (Hangatahua) river mouths where the coast was accreting. Erosion rates differ at different locations, primarily due to differences around the coast in geology, coastal orientation, proximity to river mouths and matters such as dune management. Recalculating erosion rates has occurred at specific locations around the coast through monitoring programmes, or for applications for subdivisions or for coastal activities such as pipelines or coastal protection structures. However, there has not been a comprehensive reassessment of regional erosion rates since the late 1980s work. The purpose of this report is to summarise the information on coastal erosion rates for the Taranaki coast that is already available from monitoring, surveying, aerial photographs and maps and to identify where further information gathering should be focused. The report identifies reaches of coast where better understanding coastal erosion rates is important for management perspectives. The following reaches have been selected on the basis of level of existing or future use and development; the existence of baseline information from which to monitor changes; opportunities for partnerships with businesses or where the reach is representative of a longer stretch of coast:
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