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Beach and Nearshore Dynamics, Pegasus Bay [Report] Technical Report

Brown, A.F.
Publisher / Organisation
Department of Geography, University of Canterbury
Surveys were carried out from 1994 to 1998 to determine the location, size, habitats and conservation status of extant populations of the endemic dune snail Succinea archeyi Powell in northern New Zealand. Succinea archeyi was found living in sandfield and prostrate shrubland on fifteen coastal dunefields: ten in northern and eastern Northland; and five on eastern Coromandel Peninsula. Areas occupied by snails at these sites ranged from c. 10100 ha for the four largest populations (all in Northland), down to less than 0.05 ha for the nine smallest populations. Eight of the known extant populations of Succinea archeyi are threatened with extinction. The main threats to their continued survival are habitat loss and degredation resulting from stock damage, weed invasion, land development and erosion.
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