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Best practice in coastal development: a strategic perspective Other Publication

Lyon, Don
Journal / Source
NZ Coastal Conference
best practice, development, strategy
The primary aim of this conference is to highlight the need to do much better in the management, planning, development and conservation of our coastal and lakefront environments. It is about moving beyond complaining about the problem to focus on solutions – good practice that we can promote at national, regional and local levels. We want to apply these solutions now, recognising that we still have a window of opportunity in New Zealand to maintain and enhance the unique coastal environments we have inherited. This paper aims to set the scene for identifying, promoting and implementing best practice in coastal development. It starts from a simple premise – that without a vision how can there be best practice? The paper develops this concept of a vision further and applies strategic thinking to key steps in the planning process at national, regional and local levels. The paper finishes with an equally simple conclusion – good coastal planning is not rocket science. As a nation of beach lovers it can’t be that hard, can it?