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Checklist of Archaeological Sites and Crater Hill, Papatoetoe

Sullivan, A.
Publisher / Organisation
Department of Anthropology, University of Auckland, Working Paper in Archaeology
Nematoda, virus vector, Longidorus, Paralongidorus, Xiphinema, Trichodorus, Paratrichodorus, New Zealand
A survey of virus vector nematodes based on a total of 320 published and recent records revealed that 3 Longidorus, 1 Paralongidorus, 6 Xiphinema, 2 Trichodoms, and 3 Paratrichodorus species are present in New Zealand. Xiphinema diversicaudatum and Paratrichodorus minor are the most common and widespread species. Longidorus orongorongensis, an undescribed Paralongidorus species and Trichodoms cottieri appear to be endemic species, and Longidorus taniwha, Paratrichodorus lobatus and probably one (still unidentified) species of the X. americanum group are also indigenous to New Zealand. Most of the other species (e.g. Longidorus elongatus, X. diversicaudatum, and Trichodoms primitivus) were probably introduced from Europe. Maps showing the Received 19 March 1997; accepted 10 July 1997 distribution of the 15 species in New Zealand, and illustrations and tables of the morphological characters for species identification, are presented. Several species are of economic importance through direct damage they cause to cultivated plants, and all can be considered potential vectors of plant viruses.
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