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Clifton to Tangoio - Coastal Hazard Strategy 2120 Webpage

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Hawke's Bay Regional Council
Strategy, Clifton, Tangoio, Hawke's Bay, hazard, management
Clifton to Tangoio is the most developed and populated part of the Hawke’s Bay coastline, As well as hundreds of people’s homes located along this coast, there are businesses and industry, roads, bridges, electrical/gas/water/sewage services, a seaport and an airport. The Strategy is being developed to understand coastal hazards risks and the management options for this key part of the Hawke’s Bay coastline. It’s making a start with the priority areas between Clifton and Tangoio, but will move to focus on other coastal areas in future. The Strategy will identify the areas that may be affected by various coastal hazards over the long term and the risks to public and private property, cultural sites and areas, recreational use and infrastructure services.