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Parkin, S.J.
Publisher / Organisation
University of Auckland
In a study area of 16.3 ha of dairy pasture and pine plantations in the Manawatu region of the southern North Island, 150 hedgehogs were marked and 356 recaptures recorded between 1 January 1970 and 24 June 1971. Population density was estimated at between 1.1/ha in winter and 2.5/ha in summer and autumn. Only 11 females and 5 males were considered to be residents, and these used overlapping feeding ranges of similar extent. Concentrations of food organisms became foci of hedgehog activity. During winter, when an estimated 20 % of the population died, movement was restricted to the vicinity of the nest site; the hedgehogs hibernated fitfully during July-October. The breeding season as such extended at least from November to March; some breeding activity was observed in most months, however. The average life span of adults was 1.97 years. The causes of 6 natural deaths and the incidence of abscesses and external parasites were noted.