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Coastal herbfield plants of South Taranaki. An identification guide (2nd edition) Technical Report

Sinclair, L.; Ogle, C.; Clarkson, J.
Journal / Source
Science and Research Unit, Department of Conservation, Wellington
Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Notoreas, Pimelea, host plant, distribution, conservation, conservation grazing, patch occupation, coastal turfs
Concern over a decline in habitat of an unnamed, endemic species of Notoreas (Geometridae) moth from the Taranaki coast stimulated this study on its distribution and conservation requirements. The caterpillars mine leaves of Pimelea (cf.) urvilleana, a prostrate shrub that can be found among other pioneer plants on coastal cliffs. Forty-seven patches of habitat were located along 50 km of coastal cliffs adjacent to farmland. Patches were clumped in distribution, and