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Coastal Resource Inventory - Landscape Assessment Summary - Department of Conservation - Hamilton, 1990

Department of Conservation
threatened birds, extinct birds, conservation status, threat classification, New Zealand
The first complete audit of the conservation status of the 473 taxa of birds that have been recorded in New Zealand since first human contact (about 1000 years ago) was carried out. Using the same ranking criteria, the assessments made in the audit were compared with those made in 2008 for the 428 taxa recorded post-1800. A total of 20 taxa moved to a more threatened status, while the status of 12 taxa improved, mainly as a result of successful conservation management. Overall, 77 species were assessed as being threatened with extinction, the same as in 2008; however, 25 rather than 24 taxa were now classified as being Nationally Critical. A list of all 473 bird taxa and their conservation status in 2012 is presented.
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