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Development of a framework for assessing effects of coastal engineering works on a surf break Conference Paper

Shand, T.; Reinin-Hamill, R.A.; Weppe, S.; Short, A.
Journal / Source
Australasian Coasts & Ports 2019 Conference
surf break, coastal structures, wave modelling, effects assessment
Surf breaks, particularly those of high quality, are a limited resource and of great importance to the local and broader surfing community. They provide not only a recreational activity but a sense of identity to local surfers and can increase tourism by bringing travelling surfers to the area. While engineering works are not a preferred option within the active coastal zone, they are at times unavoidable. A framework has been developed to test the potential physical effects of engineering works on a surf break. This framework includes a baseline assessment of the surf beak based on field investigations, discussions with local surfers and various modelling approaches; an effects assessment which includes identification of the physical elements which define the use and enjoyment of the surf break; development of methods to quantitatively test the potential for adverse effects on each of these elements; and finally a risk assessment which includes the likelihood, consequence and overall level of effect. This paper presents this framework together with a case study of its use at Mangamaunu, north of Kaikōura on the north east of New Zealand’s South Island.