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Distribution, abundance and population structure of cockles Austrovenus stutchburyi in Pauatahanui Inlet. Technical Report

Grange, K.R.
Journal / Source
NIWA 1993/11. Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.
Shellfish, cockles, estuarine, population, Pauatahanui Inlet
Survey in 1992 using comparable methods as 1976 survey [Richardson et al., 1979]. Maximum number per quadrat down (169 in 1992 vs. 280 in 1976), mean number per quadrat down (22.2 in 1992 vs. 52.3 in 1976) and total estimated population down (187-257 million in 1992 vs. 438-608 million in 1976). In general, Duck Creek, Ration Point and Camborne beaches supported less than the average of all sites and the number of recruits at all localities in 1992 was down compared with 1976 (lower but not significant at all localities).
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