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Estuaries: a physical introduction. 2nd Edition Book

Dyer, K.R.
Publisher / Organisation
Wiley Press
Aquatic sciences > Marine sciences > Earth sciences > Oceanography > Physical oceanography Flushing time Hydrographic features > Physiographic features > Estuaries Mixing processes Motion > Tidal motion > Tides Physics > Mechanics > Fluid mechanics > Hydrodynamics Pollution dispersion Salt flux Water bodies > Coastal waters > Coastal landforms > Coastal inlets > Estuaries Brackish water
Not a NZ publication Estuaries is a comprehensive introductory text emphasizing the physical processes involved in the mixing of sea and river water and the transport of fine sediments within the complex estuarine topographic context. The theoretical and mathematical formulation of these processes are treated at a fairly elementary level, and are used to develop a foundation for more extensive study. The second edition retains the classical approaches to the tidally averaged circulation and mixing conditions but broadens them to consider recent advances in the understanding of processes occurring within the tide. The scope has also been widened to include more detail on the morphology of estuaries and their development, the fluxes of suspended fine sediments, and the generation and maintenance of turbidity maximum. The book provides an excellent introduction for research students in oceanography, environmental science, geography, geology, and water and coastal engineering. It will also be useful as a reference book for those working in water quality, morphological modelling and estuarine environmental management.
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