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Harden, G.J.
Publisher / Organisation
New South Wales University Press.
This report explains the role of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement (NZCPS) in ensuring sustainable management of the distinctive attributes of all coastal zones. New Zealand's coastal environment, and the use made of it, reflect many values. These values include both consumptive or non- consumptive values and non-use. Intrinsic values are also important. These should all be reflected in a coastal policy statement. How they should be recognised is unclear. One of the principle alternative approaches to achieving sustainable management is more effective use of the market system. To assess the applicability of this approach in the coastal environment requires an understanding of resource characteristics, including concepts of excludability and divisibility. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and countries concerned at the degree of destruction or degradation of their coastal environments have acknowledged the need for national policies to avoid the adverse effects and mitigate conflict between human activities in the coastal zone. This report discusses the function of a NZCPS in guiding regional planning to achieve sustainable management of the coastal environment. The development of an ex-ante evaluation framework to analyse the success of the NZCPS in achieving sustainable development of the coast's physical and natural resources, is affected by the type of evaluation method used. This report analyses the suitability of several methods, including: topic evaluation, cost benefit analysis, and planning balance sheet. Also of importance are the potential means or methods (e.g., regulation, provision of information and services) available to deal with individual issues in the coastal zone, and the criteria by which the means are evaluated (e.g., economic efficiency, equity, administrative efficacy). The report recommends that the most suitable method for analyzing the NZCPS is topic evaluation, and it also provides two examples of evaluating the various means available to deal with specific coastal issues.
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