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Germination and seedling growth of an endangered native broom, Chordospartium muritai AW Purdie (Fabaceae), found in Marlborough, South Island, New Zealand Journal Paper

Williams, P.A.; Norton, D.A.; Nicholas, J.M.
Journal / Source
New Zealand Journal of Botany
Chordospartium muritai, threatened plants, germination, seed banks, seedling growth, conservation
In the wild, adult Chordospartium muritai shrubs and trees up to 6 m tall are confined to a single population in the northern South Island. There are few juveniles and seedlings have only recently been recorded. Seed viability, germination requirements, fate of seeds in the soil seed bank, and seedling growth were investigated. Seeds required scarification, after which a high proportion germinated over a wide range of temperatures, but particularly between 20~ and 24~ The few seeds that survived a year's burial were still viable, suggesting the effects of soil scarification. Seedling growth was very slow and 65% of seedlings that survived the first 2 years reached a height of only 12 cm. Site factors including past grazing, competition from herbs, and lack of suitable substrates, are considered largely responsible for the failure of C. muritai regeneration. The management implications of the results are discussed.