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Short, A.D.
This report is on the public open space provisions of the Proposed District Plan. The Invercargill City district provides a large area of public open space delivering a range of benefits which enhance the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of the community. Most of these areas are vested or gazetted under the Reserves Act 1977 and are owned and managed by the Council or by the Department of Conservation. The Reserves Act 1977 applies to all public land that has been vested or gazetted under the Act. As a mandatory requirement of this Act, management plans are to be prepared for all recreation reserves, to provide a framework for future management decisions relating to the maintenance, use and development of the land. The Public Open Space provisions of the Proposed District Plan recognise that there is a fundamental relationship between the Reserves Act 1977 and the RMA, and seek a coordinated approach to maintain and manage public open space. The changes notified as part of the Proposed District Plan include a new district wide section on the issues, objectives, policies and methods of implementation relating to public open space. Like the Operative District Plan, there is a district wide rule on public open space, but some small changes have been made to the proposed rule. Sixteen submission points were received on the matter of public open space. One was in support, three requested changes and 12 raised matters outside of the RMA. The key issues raised in the submissions are summarised below: ? Inaccurate identification of Council owned Reserves on the Planning Maps. ? Recognition of Environment Southland as owners of public open space within the district. ? Provision of more walkways and cycleways, bee friendly plants and a vegetable garden. ? The sale of Council owned reserves. After analysing the submission points, I am recommending that the Planning Maps be amended to include and clearly identify all Council Parks and Reserves. This will aid in the implementation of the objectives, policies and rules and will provide a more user friendly document. I am also recommending that Environment Southland be included in the Public Open Space Introduction as owners of public open space within the district. The Issues, Objectives, Policies and Rules should remain as notified. They meet the requirements of the RMA and have not been opposed by the submissions. In this report: ? Part 2 considers several key procedural issues. ? Part 3 provides background information on the public open space topic. ? Part 4 summarises the various statutory provisions that apply to the consideration of the Proposed District Plan. ? Part 5 assesses the relevant issues raised by the submitters. ? Part 6 provides a discussion on the Section 32 matters. ? Part 7 sets out the overall conclusions. Section 42A Report Public Open Space June 2014 2 ? Appendix 1 sets out the recommended changes to the text of the Proposed District Plan. ? Appendix 2 sets out the recommendations on each of the submission points.
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