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Mistletoes in Wellington Conservancy: current status and management requirements Technical Report

Sawyer, J.; Rebergen, A.
Publisher / Organisation
Department of Conservation
The goal of mistletoe conservation in Wellington Conservancy is to ensure that all indigenous species of mistletoe continue to survive in the wild throughout their known range and that populations become or remain self-sustaining. Eight indigenous species of mistletoe have been recorded in Wellington Conservancy although one (Alepis flavida) is now believed to be extinct in the region. The objectives of mistletoe conservation in Wellington Conservancy are presented in this report. Information about each mistletoe species is also presented, including maps of their distribution, notes on their distinguishing features, habitat preferences, and flowering and fruiting times. Threats to mistletoes and their national and regional conservation status are described and an illustration and photographs of each species are provided. Recommendations are made about protection and management of sites supporting mistletoes. The report describes ways in which people can assist by gathering information about mistletoe distribution and ecology for inclusion on the Department’s plant database. A database of mistletoe occurrence records for Wellington Conservancy is provided. None of the species described in this report should be collected from the wild. Information about the distribution, ecology or threats to mistletoe species may be sent to the Department of Conservation for inclusion on the plant database.