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Name changes in the indigenous New Zealand flora, 1960-1986 and Nomina Nova IV, 1983-1986 Journal Paper

Connor, H.E.; Edgar, E.
Journal / Source
New Zealand Journal of Botany
New Zealand flora, new taxa, nomenclatural changes
Changes in the nomenclature of indigenous New Zealand angiosperms and gymnosperms since 1960 are listed, and commentary on some name changes is included. Names of new taxa published here are: Anaphalis keriensis (Cunn.) C. Webb, A. rupestris C. Webb, A. subrigida (Colenso) C. Webb, Brachyglottis kirkii (Kirk) C. Webb, B. kirkii var. angustior (Allan) C. Webb, B. turneri (Cheeseman) C. Webb, Chionochloa defracta Connor, C. lanea Connor, Convolvulus verecundus Petrie subsp, waitaha W. Sykes, Cortaderia turbaria Connor, Crassula hunua A.P. Druce, C. mataikona A.P. Druce, C. ruamahanga A.P. Druce, C. tetramera (Toelken) A.P. Druce et W.R. Sykes, Geniostoma rupestre Forst. et Forst. f. var. ligustrifolium (Cunn.) Conn, Gnaphalium polylepis (D. Drury) C. Webb, G. ruahinicum (D. Drury) C. Webb, Isolepis distigmatosa (C.B. Clarke) Edgar, Kunzea ericoides (A. Rich.) J. Thompson var. linearis (Kirk) W. Harris, K. ericoides var. microflora (G. Simpson) W. Harris, K. sinclairii (Kirk) W. Harris, Melicytus alpinus (Kirk) Garnock-Jones, M. angustifolius (DC.) Garnock-Jones, M. chathamicus (F. Muell.) GarnockJones, M. crassifolius (Hook. f.) Garnock-Jones, M. obovatus (Kirk) Garnock-Jones, Pachystegia minor *In appreciation of the outstanding contribution to the taxonomy of indigenous plants made by Lucy B. Moore MBE, D.Sc. (Cantuar), F.L.S., F.R.S.N.Z., (1906-1987), and of her influence on the development of botany in New Zealand. For part I "Nomina Nova Plantarum Novae-Zelandiae ..." see Edgar, E. 1971 (N.Z.J. Bot. 9: 322-330). For part II see Edgar, E.; Connor, H.E. 1978 (N.Z.J. Bot. 16: 103-118). For part III see Edgar, E.; Connor, H.E. 1983 (N.Z.J. Bot. 21: 421-441). Received 28 July 1986; accepted 21 October 1986 (Cheeseman) Molloy, P. rufa Molloy, Ranunculus altus Garnock-Jones, R. brevis Garnock-Jones, R. membranifolius (Kirk) Garnock-Jones, R. mirus Garnock-Jones, R. reflexus Garnock-Jones, R. scrithalis Garnock-Jones, R. simulans Garnock-Jones, Rytidosperma australe (Petrie) Connor et Edgar, R. pumilum (Kirk) Connor et Edgar, Senecio glaucophyllus Cheeseman subsp, toa C. Webb, S. radiolatus F. Muell. subsp, antipodus (Kirk) C. Webb, Streblus banksii (Cheeseman) C. Webb. Podocarpus cunninghamii, attributed to Colenso, is not a correct name and should not be substituted for Podocarpus hallii Kirk.