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Nationally threatened and uncommon plants of Wanganui Conservancy DOC Publication

Ogle, C.C.; La Cock, G.D.; Nicholls, V.
Publisher / Organisation
Department of Conservation, Wanganui
In the dunes of the Pouto Peninsula, north Kaipara, Northland, re-mobilised sand is invading remnants of native forest and scrub, and filling dune lakes and swamps. Some of the affected native vegetation is botanically important as remnants of regionally and even nationally rare plant communities and as the habitats of threatened plant species. The wetlands are important waterbird habitats. At least part of the sand movement can be traced to past human disturbances such as fire and animal grazing. It is recommended that sand stabilisation be attempted by a combination of methods, including applying fertiliser to existing areas of marram and pingao, and pest control.
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