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Department of Conservation
Threat Classification System, threatened species, New Zealand
New Zealand's threatened and potentially threatened species of animals (marine mammals, bats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater and marine fish, and terrestrial, freshwater and marine invertebrates) and non-vascular plants (bryophytes and macroalgae) were assessed or reassessed for risk of extinction using the New Zealand Threat Classification System. Lists of threatened vascular plants were taken from a previous publication. Threatened fungi were not reassessed. The number of species listed as threatened increased from 2372 to 2788, and the number listed as Data Deficient increased from 2047 to 3031. These changes were mostly as a result of improved knowledge and the assessment of species that had not been considered previously, but a small number of species changed category as a result of genuinely improved or deteriorated status. Each of these changes is discussed, and complete lists of threatened and Data Deficient species are provided.
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