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Regional Pest Plant Management Strategy for the West Coast Plan

West Coast Regional Council
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West Coast Regional Council
This report is one of a number being prepared for West Coast Regional Council (WCRC) to aid the decision-making processes associated with ongoing erosion problems at a number of locations in the region. The advice provided in this report and associated material focuses on Granity village and has been supported by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology Envirolink fund set up to assist Regional Councils in accessing environmental advice from the various Crown Research Institutes. The report outlines a number of potential measures, as a basis for future discussion between the Regional Council and Granity residents, that could assist in reducing the impact and/or slowing down the rate of coastal retreat of the gravel barrier along the village frontage, with particular emphasis on the most at risk section at the northern end of the village. The suggestions are intended to be achievable options, a number of which could be implemented by the local property owners and are based on the discussions held with a number of affected residents and staff at the Regional Council. Other suggestions are larger scale activities that would require contractors and coordination.