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Relationships of Actizeta and Cnemeplatiini (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) Journal Paper

Watt, J.C.
Journal / Source
Systematic Entomology
Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Aphodiinae, Melolonthinae, Dynastinae, New Zealand, Systematics, nomenclature, distribution, new records, biology.
Scarabaeidae are defined within the New Zealand fauna. Keys to subfamilies, and to genera and introduced species in Aphodiinae and Dynastinae, are presented. Biological data and distributions are summarised for all introduced and some native species in these subfamilies, and for Stethaspis spp. (Melolonthinae). The following species are recorded from New Zealand for the first time: Aphodius frenchi Blackburn, 1892; Saprosites mendax (Blackburn, 1892). Carneiola zealandica Endrbdi, 1974, based on specimens labelled "Neu Seeland", is unknown in New Zealand. Dasygnathus dejeani Macleay, 1819 is restricted to the vicinity of Kerikeri, Northland. The following new synonymy is noted: Saprosites rugosus Richards, 1959 = Ataeniuspicinus Harold, 1867; Saprosites punctatus Richards, 1959 = Saprosites mendax (Blackburn, 1892); Phycochus lobatus Broun, 1893 = Phycochus graniceps Broun, 1886. Saprosites brouni (Sharp, 1876) Richards, 1959 is recombined as Ataenius brouni. In Melolonthinae, the following species are recombined with Stethaspis Hope, 1837 (from Chlorochiton): Stethaspis longicornis (Arrow, 1924); S. convexa (Given, 1952); S. intermediata (Given, 1952); S. discoidea (Broun, 1893); S. pulchra (Broun, 1893); S. lineata (Arrow, 1924); S. simmondsi (Broun, 1893). Odontria marmorata Broun, 1893; 0. decepta Given, 1952; 0. communis Given, 1952, and 0. giveni n. sp. ( = marmorata Given, 1952) are redescribed. A lectotype is selected for 0. marmorata, and the stated type locality "Forty-Mile Bush, Napier" is shown to be erroneous.
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