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Report on an archaeological inspection of Mr McKenna's property, Taipa Technical Report

Robinson, J., Maingay, J.
Publisher / Organisation
Department of Conservation
Archaeology, Taipa, estuary, Tai pa, McKenna
A property at Tai pa, owned by Mr L McKenna, was inspected for archaeological evidence by James Robinson on 3 February 1991. The section consists of 3.5 acres situated on the eastern side of Tai pa Estuary adjacent to State Highway 1 (Fig 1 ). The land slopes gently up from the road then rises steeply to a ridgeline on the east. Mr McKenna plans to erect a small Lockwood house and garage on the lower slopes overlooking the estuary and to construct a 70m long driveway to the buildings. Several archaeological sites have been recorded in this area. A pa site N7/10 on the ridge end north of the property, pits on the ridgeline, and numerous midden on the slopes below. Patches of exposed shell, part of site N7 /253, were noted on the property when this and adjoining land was surveyed in 1978 (see Fig 2 and attached site record form). The recent inspection was undertaken to determine whether the site would be modified by Mr McKenna's proposal.