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Seeds of New Zealand gymnosperms and dicotyledons Book

Webb, C.J.; Simpson, M.J.
Publisher / Organisation
Manuka Press, Christchurch
Senecio esleri, Asteraceae, Compositae, new species, distribution, naturalised plants, New Zealand, Australia
A new species of erechtitoid Senecio is described based on New Zealand material. S. esleri is an annual, or rarely a short-lived perennial, herb found in waste places and coastal habitats in Northland and the Auckland area. It has previously been confused with the Australian fireweed S. bipinnatisectus and is best distinguished from that species by the setose stems, less divided lower leaves, greater number of involucral bracts, and hairier achenes. Its distribution and habitats indicate that it is naturalised in New Zealand, most probably from Australia.
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