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Selective control of weeds in New Zealand wetlands using herbicides Conference Paper

Champion, P.D.; Reeves, P.D.
Journal / Source
Proceedings of the 51st New Zealand Plant Protection Conference, New Zealand Plant Protection Society
wetlands, weeds, selective control, rare plants
Weed invasion is seen as one of the major threats to many of New Zealand's endangered native wetland plants. The herbicides fluazifop, haloxyfop, clethodim, clopyralid, triclopyr, dicamba, dicamba/2,4-D and glyphosate were screened for control of 13 introduced and 17 native wetland plants in a pot trial. Initial assessments of the first three herbicides show good control of target grass weeds with no damage to most native species apart from the grasses. Clopyralid provided control of target broadleaf weed species without damage to many native grasses, sedges, rushes and some broadleaf species. Other treatments gave effective control of target species but generally caused high mortality of native species.