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Gibb, J.G.; Sheffield, A.T.; Foster, G.A.
Journal / Source
Science & Research Series
Publisher / Organisation
Department of Conservation
The conservation of wetlands, especially of areas which are only periodically inundated, can be hindered by different views of what constitutes a "wetland". This study compared the flora and vegetation of two sites in pastoral farmlands of the Manawatu region, at only one of which were the interested parties agreed that the site was a wetland. Past definitions of wetlands are based on either physical parameters or the biota. Comparisons of plant lists for both sites, and with a national list of wetland plants, showed that the two sites had similar floras of plants acknowledged to be wetland species, and hence the acceptance of one site as a wetland meant that the both should be accepted as wetlands. Both sites are ephemeral wetlands, at least in part, and allowing water levels to continue to fluctuate is important to the survival of some of their plant species, including indigenous species which are regionally uncommon.
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