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Studies of New Zealand bivalve larvae, with observations on the adults and on the hydrology of the Bay of Islands and Wellington Harbour. Thesis

Booth, J.D.
Journal / Source
PhD, Victoria University of Wellington.
Shellfish, currents, plankton, benthic, temperature, salinity, shellfish, sediments, estuarine
Observations made on some hydrological parameters at Bay of Islands and Wellington Harbour during 1970-71 are presented and discussed. The parameters include water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen content and turbidity. (2) Benthic and shore collections of marine bivalve molluscs were made during 1970-72. The species occurring are recorded and discussed, and the distribution of some common species in Wellington Harbour is related to sediment types. There were fifty-four anchor dredge benthic stations in Wellington Harbour. Lists of the most abundant bivalve species are presented (3) Observations were made on the occurrence of common late stage bivalve larvae in the plankton at four stations in Wellington Harbour, sampled approximately monthly. (4) Ecological studies made on bivalve larvae 1970-71, are presented and compared to other published studies from overseas. The observations suggest that in estuarine areas, the effect of alternating tides on the vertical distribution of bivalve larvae far outweighs the effects of any other factors.