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Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē Beach Management Plan - Summary of Feedback

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Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē Beach Board
The Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē Board carried out engagement with the community from 1 July 2019 for approximately twelve weeks, with the final engagement being held on 27 August 2019. Seven hui were conducted over this time, from Kaitāia through to Te Hapua. Feedback was received through multiple channels and in addition to the engagement hui included letters, emails, and local kura and online feedback. Over 1,500 responses were received from the community hui and school engagement. In excess of 200 people attended the various engagement hui. Traffic, parking and access in relation to the beach management areas were the most common themes discussed at the community hui. Key themes are outlined below, together with snapshots of community feedback.