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Update on NZCPS sand dunes policy work

Duncalfe, A.
Publisher / Organisation
Department of Conservation
In July 2009, the Board of Inquiry reported to the Minister of Conservation, recommending a redrafted New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement (NZCPS). The Board recommended the inclusion of a policy on the protection of active coastal dunes of national significance, based on the suggestions of Dr Hilton. The dunes policy was not included in the final NZCPS 2010, which came into effect in December last year. The reason for this was that the dunes policy was a new proposal which had emerged during the Board’s consultation process – it was not part of the publicly notified version of the proposed NZCPS. This means that landowners who would be affected by the policy did not have an opportunity to comment. Cabinet did, however, recognise that the proposed dunes policy had merit, and agreed to further explore the issue, and to provide an opportunity for affected parties to comment.