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Water resource impact assessments. Technical Report

Cameron, D., Smith, S., Prendergast, P., Wear, R.G., Anderlini, V.C. and Hicks, G.R.F.
Journal / Source
Technical Report No. 8. Wellington Regional Council.
Freshwater, roading, EIA, estuarine, subtidal, intertidal, soft substrates, hard substrates, fish, plankton, birds, macrofauna, sediment, ecological survey, seagrass
Supporting technical document to Environmental Impact Report on future SH1 route (WRC, 1989), as part of the Greater Wellington Area Land Use and Transport Strategic Review (GATS). This document covers the aquatic resources of the areas under study i.e. the “coastal corridor” - upgrading existing SH1 route and the “inland corridor” - new road along Transmission Gully and Takapu Valley. The report is in three parts. Part One: Freshwater Quality and Biology (Cameron and Smith): seven of the main streams were surveyed and a description given of the water quality, periphyton, macrophytes, benthic macroinvertebrates and freshwater fisheries. Part Two: Hydrology (Prendergast): stream flows, sedimentation, and the characteristics and impacts of roading options on each stream in the area. Part Three: coastal route marine biological evaluation (Wear and Anderlini; Hicks), roading both subtidally and intertidally. Sampling includes sites at Mana and Pauatahanui Inlet Species lists included. This report is the most comprehensive water resource study since Healy (1980) bringing together existing information and new WRC research.
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