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A study of the distribution of the beetles Actizeta albata Pascoe (fam. Tenebrionidae) and Phycosecis discoidea Pascoe (fam. Trogositidae) in sand dunes Thesis

Graham, K.J.
Publisher / Organisation
University of Canterbury
Studies of iron sands near Hawera included detailed examinations of the mechanical and mineralogical properties of present-day beach deposits and dune sands. Mineral assemblages of sands from the Rapanui Formation and heavy mineral suites from the underlying Waipipi Formation were also investigated. Whereas minerals of graniticmetamorphic origin characterised the Waipipi Formation, minerals of recent volcanic (andesitic) origin were predominant in the bedded deposits of the Rapanui Formation and in recently formed ironsands. Measurements of the abundance of the principal ferromagnesian minerals in andesitic sands near Hawera indicate that they were ultimately derived from augite andesites and augite
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